Industrial, Mobile & Marine Hydraulic Engineering

Hydeng is one of only a few true hydraulic engineering companies left in Australia, specialising in industrial, mobile & marine hydraulics.

We can build systems from the most basic and robust gear pump and manual valve, right through to exciting closed loop electronic designs that have incredible accuracy and speeds.

We take on the jobs that make others quiver. Size does not deter us, complexity does not deter us, application does not deter us, we are in it with you boots and all.

We have the capability to actually engineer your requirements right from the “What if” through to “That is great!”

The Engineering we offer can be broken down into three streams:

1. You NEED to make something in your design move

  • We take in all of your requirements, including speed, power, force etc, we can even help you calculate these based on minimal information.
  • That information is then used to formulate a design, generate agreed outcomes and costed up.
  • Components are supplied based on your timeline, to you for your team to install with our technical support always being available.
  • If we are supplying electronics, we provide electrical circuits if required or work with your team to generate these documents.
  • If we are supplying electronics such as PLC’s, HMI’s etc, we can write all or part of the code or again work with your team to build a program.
  • We provide assistance during the commissioning phase if required.

2. You HAVE a complete machine built or being built and you need a ‘TURNKEY’ solution or you need an upgrade

  • Working closely with your parameters, we will design a comprehensive hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic and software solution.
  • We can manufacture the control cubicles, power units, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic and electric drives, wiring looms, bracketry, complete operator cabins.
  • Our designs can be integrated into existing infrastructure and meshed with existing control systems.
  • We will do all or partial installation, flushing, commissioning and proof testing.

3. You WANT a complete machine or piece of equipment manufactured from the ground up

  • We look closely at the requirement and let you educate us in what results you need to achieve.
  • Together, we will work through rough drafts, second stage refinements and right through to pre-production drawings, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software flow charts.
  • In all aspects and steps, we are partnering with you to ensure we hit the bullseye with your expectations.
  • Depending on the scope, manufacturing including fabrications, assembly, installation, code etc. are all done in house.
  • Some components need to be manufactured by others but the quality control and functionality is tightly controlled by us.
  • We provide unparalleled knowledge when it comes to making things work.

Our capabilities include but not limited to:

  • Mechanical designs using 3d CAD (Solidworks)
  • Electrical designs using 2d CAD
  • Software coding with IQAN, CODESYS, LADDER
  • In depth knowledge of Safety Systems
  • Great pride in our designs, workmanship and unwavering commitment to absolute safety.
  • Decades upon decades of experience
  • Electric Power Units
  • Diesel Power Units

Projects and Engineering are co-ordinated by Shane Bartlett.  Call 03 5144 1769 and ask to speak to Shane, or alternatively you can send him an email.

Take a look at our Engineering image gallery, or see some of our Recent Projects.

Scissor lift on truck